Cutivate(R) (fluticasone propionate) Lotion, 0.05%

The Once-a-Day for One Year of Age and Older
  • One application per day for fast treatment success as early as week 21,2
One unique formulation
  • Emollient-rich dimethicone
    • Helps protect skin-barrier function and guard against irritation3
    • Provides a silky-smooth feel4,5
    • Offers beneficial moisturizing properties1

CUTIVATE® LOTION is a prescription medication for the relief of skin pain, redness and itching due to atopic dermatitis in adults and children one year of age and older.

Important Selected Product Safety Information

Do not use CUTIVATE® LOTION if you have hypersensitivity to any ingredient of this product or with formaldehyde. This medication is for external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. CUTIVATE® LOTION should not be used on the face, underarms, or groin areas unless prescribed by your physician. The treated skin area should not be bandaged or otherwise covered or wrapped unless directed by the physician. The safety and efficacy in pediatric patients below 1 year of age have not been established. The safety of the use of CUTIVATE® LOTION for longer than 4 weeks has not been established.

Absorption of topical corticosteroids through the skin has produced various hormonal abnormalities, increased blood sugar, and sugar in the urine in some patients. CUTIVATE® LOTION may cause local skin reactions such as irritation, inflammation of hair follicles, acne-like skin disorder and loss of skin color.

Side effects of topical steroids in children may include toxicity with weight gain and growth, headaches, problems with vision, bulging soft spots on a baby's head, and stretch marks. You should not use this product to treat your childŐs diaper dermatitis unless instructed by the physician.

If you are pregnant or nursing a baby, consult with physician prior to using this product.

For more information, consult your healthcare professional. Please see link to Full Prescribing Information below.

CUTIVATE® (fluticasone propionate) Lotion Full Prescribing Information

You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit or call 1-800-FDA-1088

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